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This Christmas, give personalised Santa Sacks

Growing up, my family didn’t have a tradition of Santa Sacks or even gift giving on Christmas. Instead, we celebrated Diwali, which is a Hindu festival. However, I always loved the idea of Christmas: it was the end of the year, I heard so many carols in my school (I went to a Catholic school), I loved all the Christmas decorations and going to the Chapel of course. We’d get some jasmine or magnolia from the chapel and I loved carrying them home. These were my Christmas/Holiday season memories. Fast forwarding, I’m a mum now and I want my daughter… Read More

How to throw a virtual baby shower this lockdown?

With Covid and the current lockdown situation across Australia and the world, many families are spending milestone events apart. Couples have postponed their weddings, birthday celebrations, and holidays. Now, most of these things can either wait or can be celebrated a bit later. The dilemma is with a baby shower.  We know how special babies are for their parents. And we know that a baby will come in 9 months. So should we just leave our baby shower or celebrate with a twist? Now, if you are pregnant or have been in the past, I am sure you know that… Read More

Nappy-free time benefits

Nappy-free time is not just about avoiding a nappy rash, there are many benefits associated with it. This blog will help parents to learn about those benefits.

Which oil to use for your baby massage?

There are many options for oils that you could use when giving your baby a massage. Which is the best? The answer isn’t so easy! Many online articles will give conflicting advice, so I dug a little deeper by looking at scientific studies on the topic. I couldn’t find a definitive answer but read on, as I do get on to some general advice! As we all know, every bub is different! And the most important thing you need to remember is that whichever oil you use on your bub, ALWAYS do a patch test on the baby and see how… Read More

Why is giving massage important for your baby?

Massages for babies are a longstanding tradition followed in Indian and other Asian cultures and is becoming popular in the Western world. Baby massage is not restricted to health benefits only, but it can help you to develop a bond with your bub, reduce post-natal depression including decrease in stress for new dads, increase confidence in your own parenting. And most importantly, your baby will enjoy it!